Amazon Web Services has a lot going for it: scalability, flexibility, and reliability at a reasonable price to fit storage, database, and other needs. Toss in Movable Type and you’re ready to start small, grow big, and only pay for what you use.

  • Movable Type for AWS is an Amazon Machine Image that lets you get moving quickly and easily.
  • Everything you need, optimized for Movable Type: OS, web server, PSGI server, PHP, database, etc, are all optimized for typical MT use, right in the Amazon Machine Image.
  • Only pay for what you use: the software charge is $0.07 per hour or $499 per year. It is always free of charge if you launch Movable Type for AWS (nginx) on a micro instance.
  • Version upgrades are easy: yum update movabletype. Can’t get much easier than that!

We can help set up Movable Type for AWS, whether you’re starting fresh or upgrading. Get in touch! (Of course, running MT on your own server is something we can help with, too!)