Portfolio: Plugins

We’ve written a number of plugins for Movable Type, all built with a 3-point focus: fast, easy, and consistent operation — taking you the extra step towards a better user interface.

Poll Position


July 2008. Poll Position is a plugin that allows authors to quickly and easily add polls to a Movable Type-powered website. Limitless polls, response choices, and votes, as well as automatically-generated bar charts make this a comprehensive tool.

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Action Stream: Amazon


February 2008. The Action Stream: Amazon plugin works with the awesome Action Streams plugin, allowing you to display an Amazon wishlist in your stream.

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Hot Date plugin


May 2007. The Hot Date plugin for Movable Type is a great tool for anybody looking to schedule when an entry publishes: it provides a simple, clear interface to select a publishing date and time using a pop-up calendar and dropdown time selectors.

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Wordometer plugin


February 2007. As you type an entry, the Wordometer plugin for Movable Type will count the number of words you’ve written in the Entry Body, Extended Entry, Excerpt, and Keywords fields, and the number of tags you’ve added to the Tags field.

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December 2006. If you like to work with HTML when writing an entry but require more than the simple formatting buttons provided by the Movable Type interface, MT-Quicktags is the plugin for you. MT-Quicktags uses Alex King’s Javascript Quicktags to offer a limitless number of completely customizable buttons.

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Better File Uploader plugin


November 2006. Better File Uploader, a plugin for Movable Type, is a tool to help you upload files: multiple file uploading, control over formatting and HTML, thumbnailing and watermarking, amongst many other features.

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Publishing Buttons plugin


November 2006: Publishing Buttons is a simple plugin for Movable Type that replaces the Save button with Publish and Save as Draft buttons; it’s a little timesaver that eliminates the publishing options dropdown selector.

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Icon-o-matic plugin


December 2005. The big brother to Smilies, Icon-o-matic is a plugin for Movable Type. What makes it the big brother? Support for a limitless number of icons of any size, folder-based sorting, and control over the inserted HTML — along withthe same one-click easy image insertion that made Smilies popular.

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Smilies plugin


November 2005. Smilies is a plugin for Movable Type that provides clickable emoticons on the Edit Entry interface. After seeing many people in the MT forums struggling with hacks that weren’t working, Dan decided to create this simple drop-in solution.

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Better Entry Preview


September 2005. Better Entry Preview is a plugin for Movable Type that allows you to customize MT’s Preview screen with your own CSS.

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Portfolio: Sites

Most of the projects we take on deal with ongoing maintenance of a web site: adding new features, upgrading installations, and improving performance, for example. We could supply a long client list, but frankly, so much of that work is behind-the-scenes that you couldn't see what we've done. What follows is a closer look at some of the sites we've worked on from start to finish.

Some of the websites we’ve built have been simple and some were much more complex. But all receive individualized attention and constant, open communication with the owner to ensure needs are met.

Mohegan District Merit Badge Counselors

December 2007. Dan’s Dad maintains the list of Boy Scout merit badge counselors in the Mohegan District of the Connecticut Rivers Council. For years he’s used an Excel file to track the counselors and merit badges. We recently moved the data to a Movable Type blog, making it much easier to manage and use the Mohegan District Merit Badge Counselors list.

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Flom Designs and Photography


July 2007. Emily’s photography business was taking off, and we were asked to build a Movable Type-based site where she could share her work. It was easy to build Flom Designs and Photography because we were given a clear mock-up and all the artwork needed to build the site — but we still worked our own special touch upon it.

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Bulletin Board


May 2006. An entry in The Style Contest, Bulletin Board was dreamed-up by Sherree and executed by Dan, including a good deal of advanced CSS to “break the mold.”

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Scrapbook: Blue


April 2006. Scrapbook: Blue was an entry for The Style Contest based on the Scrapbook theme used on danandsherree.com.

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Trail Mix


April 2006. Dan’s first entry into The Style Contest was Trail Mix. Trail Mix offers up some fun design elements with a zip-lock bag top, a few hand-drawn elements, and — most importantly — the duct tape title.

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Eat Drink Sleep Movable Type


October 2005. Dan’s Movable Type tutorials and plugins was growing and growing, and needed a new home. Eat Drink Sleep Movable Type was born, and features a restaurant theme to add a light and fun aura to the topic.

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Scouting Stories


September 2005. Scouts have so many great adventures, and Scouting Stories is a place to share them.

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May 2005. Our personal web site, danandsherree.com, was in dire need of a redesign and we collaborated to come up with Scrapbook..

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