We've worked on a number of sites, and have built some things for those sites that we can share! A sampling of tools we've created for Movable Type is below, and can also be found at Eat Drink Sleep Movable Type. Additionally, see the latest work on Github.

  • More Listing Framework Columns

    Display, sort, and filter more content in the "Manage" screens.

  • Republish by Asset

    Easily republish Entries and Pages based upon Asset use.

  • Remove Objects

    The Remove Objects plugin provides a way for administrators to easily delete objects in Movable Type.

  • Patrick Theme

    The most flexible and customizable theme for Movable Type. (It is used to build this site!)

  • Poll Position

    The Poll Position plugin for Movable Type is a fast and easy way to create polls and quizzes for your site's readers to interact with.

  • More Custom Fields

    A bunch of additional Custom Field types for every purpose you can imagine.

  • Hot Date

    Make it easier to set the publish time of Entries and Pages

  • Default Category

    Specify a default category to be associated with an Entry.