Mohegan District Merit Badge Counselors

December 2007. Dan’s Dad maintains the list of Boy Scout merit badge counselors in the Mohegan District of the Connecticut Rivers Council. For years he’s used an Excel file to track the counselors and merit badges. We recently moved the data to a Movable Type blog, making it much easier to manage and use the Mohegan District Merit Badge Counselors list.

Moving the data from the Excel file to Movable Type holds many advantages: each record became an Entry in MT, and that allowed us to use categories and tags to keep the counselors organized by Troop and merit badge. The result is an easy-to-use site that allows a Scout to quickly and easily find a counselor for the merit badge he’s interested in.

How did we leave our mark?

There are undoubtedly some people who prefer to have a copy of the old Excel file saved on their computer for quick access. A copy of the counselor list can still be downloaded from the site, now in the popular comma-separated csv format. This file is generated directly from MT, allowing the list to be maintained entirely from within MT.

Another minor but important feature is that the “Welcome” page is not the traditional Main Index template, but a Page. This is a great change because it allows the Welcome message to be easily updated and customized with MT’s entry editing tools.